Winter comes late

posted Mar 17, 2017, 6:04 AM by Carmina Chapp   [ updated Mar 17, 2017, 6:05 AM ]

Well, we are digging out from under 30 inches of snow at the farm. After a rather mild January and February, March has definitely come in like a lion!

Only one casualty of the storm - the roof of the greenhouse collapsed.  Thankfully, no one was inside when it happened. God is good.

In January, Carmina and her friend Annette spent a Saturday with the local Frontier Girls troop helping them earn their Spinning Badge.  

They learned how to pick wool, use hand carders and a drum carder, and spin on both a wheel and a drop spindle.  The girls did a terrific job!

The farm has a new farm dog, Leo the Border Collie! We obtained him from a rescue in New York. He was already named Leo, and we thought it was appropriate to keep the name, as Pope Leo XIII was a favorite of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Leo loves to herd the sheep - it is remarkable how his instinct just kicked in. 

Lambing season is right around the corner in mid-April. Pray the snow is melted by then!

We are looking forward to spring and to building our new raised beds to plant our crops. The raised beds will make it easier to water and to control the quality of the soil. We keep learning!

Please send us your prayer intentions. We include them in our Morning Prayer intercessions every day.

Peace to all our friends of the farm.