Welcome Summer

posted Jul 5, 2017, 11:53 AM by Carmina Chapp   [ updated Jul 5, 2017, 1:23 PM ]
The farm was a muddy mess after the blizzard meltdown and several days of rain. Then, a very rainy spring put a damper on the planting season, but with the help of a lots of friends, we were able to get everything done. 

We are very grateful to the Misericordia students who came to build our new raised beds, the youth group from St. Thomas More Parish in Scranton who helped with the planting, and volunteers from St. Theresa’s in Shavertown who mulched for us. Farmer Larry and Farm Hand Hank have managed to maintain the beds with weeding and pruning, including staking up the tomatoes. We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest.

Lambing season was exciting, as usual - 11 lambs born to five ewes, with Fern giving us triplets! Missy had a difficult birth, so we think this is the last time we will breed her. She is a keeper, though - her fleece is great!

We had a great day with the group from St. Theresa’s. who included us in the Spirit of Service Day. In addition to mulching the raised beds, they washed Missy’s recently sheared raw fleece, and picked and carded Ivy’s fleece from last year - a huge help. 

Always happy to help the canonization cause of Dorothy Day, Carmina contributed to the Dorothy Day Guild newsletter. Find her article on p. 16 of the recent issue.

Summer tasks include maintaining the raised beds and a few painting projects. We are also hoping to plant a flower garden out front to bring some beauty to the farm, something Dorothy knew would “save the world”.  If anyone is interested in helping out with labor or flowers, contact Farmer Larry at ddcwf@icloud.com

Please pray for us, as we do for you everyday. Send us your prayer intentions to be included in our daily Morning Prayer.