Volunteers and visitors

posted Feb 9, 2018, 8:39 AM by Carmina Chapp
Two snowstorms have delayed some of our winter projects, but students from Misericordia University continue to volunteer, this time helping with some farm chores and prep for the rebuilding of the greenhouse, as well as some picking and carding of wool. They are becoming a regular fixture here at the farm.

We had a nice visit with a deacon and a seminarian for the Congregation of Holy Cross (C.S.C.), the first stationed at our local Kings College, the other visiting. We gave them a tour of the farm and had a wonderful “clarification of thought” as we explained our mission. They were sent home with a bag of handmade hats and mittens to distribute at the soup kitchen in Wilkes-Barre and an open invitation to return. 

Larry has updated his blog. You can enjoy it here, or in the sidebar. 

Please send us your prayer intentions, which we include in our Morning Prayer each day. Let us pray for one another!