It’s All About the Sheep

posted May 12, 2016, 4:16 PM by Carmina Chapp

Many thanks to the Back Mountain Youth Group for helping build our new sacrifice area for Rambo. He is enjoying his new home, closer to the rest of the flock. Afterwards, the group helped stack firewood - a HUGE help to Farmer Larry.

Having picked and carded Rambo’s wool at the Poor Man’s Suppers all during Lent, Alex, Ana and Madison wanted to meet the big guy. We had a great morning working with the fleece, then took a walk up the hill to say hello to our favorite ram. 

Though almost rained out, Sheep Shearing Day was a great success! Our shearer Hoyt did a fabulous job, and we have six new fleeces to process. 

The new lambs are growing up so fast! They seem to get bigger everyday. 

Please send us your prayer intentions. Let us pray for each other. 

God’s will be done.