A Old Friend, a New Puppy, and a Sad Goodbye

posted Nov 25, 2015, 3:06 AM by Carmina Chapp
We welcomed an old childhood friend to the farm - thanks so much Carolyn for making the trip. That same day, we brought a new puppy into the fold - a female English Springer Spaniel we named Rosy, for the Little Flower. 

A two week stay turned into five, but our Eritrean refugee family was finally able to move to Philadelphia, close to the Eritrean community that is growing there. We were able to celebrate Simon’s birthday before they left. Their political asylum hearing is December 1 - please keep the prayers coming. 

We also celebrated Hank’s birthday this month. Happy birthday, Hank! Thank you for all you do for us on the farm. You are truly a blessing to us.