It is in fact impossible
for any culture
to be sound and healthy
without a proper regard
for the soil,
no matter how many urban dwellers
think that their food
comes from groceries
and delicatessens
or their milk from tin cans.      

      from Regard For The Soil                             An Easy Essay by Peter Maurin

Latest News from the Farm

  • A Cold Winter on the Farm
    It has been a cold January in northeastern PA. We are busy keeping the fire going and tending to the animals. It became clear that we had too many animals to care for, and after prayerful discernment, decided to limit the herd to our sheep and alpacas. The goats have been given new homes - better homes, in fact. Most went to what can only be described as a "goatie resort" with each goat having its own stall in a beautiful barn.
    Our ewe Missy gave birth to a beautiful lamb we named Agnes, as she was born of the feast day of St. Agnes. Sadly, little Agnes did not survive. Poor Missy has had three lambs now, none of which has lived. She is back in the pasture with the other sheep now and seems to be doing well.
    Though it is bitterly cold outside, we are already planning the spring crop and preparing the greenhouse for March planting. Please keep us in prayer as we continue to strive to do God's will and serve His people in need.
    Posted Jan 28, 2015, 5:11 AM by Carmina Chapp
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