It is in fact impossible
for any culture
to be sound and healthy
without a proper regard
for the soil,
no matter how many urban dwellers
think that their food
comes from groceries
and delicatessens
or their milk from tin cans.      

      from Regard For The Soil                             An Easy Essay by Peter Maurin

Latest News from the Farm

  • Potatoes, fleece, and a truck
    It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm. We had a HUGE harvest of potatoes that we sent in to the Catholic Worker soup kitchen in Manhattan, plus an abundance of cucumbers and onions that we brought to a parish in Providence, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Scranton. 

    We’ve begun the processing of this year's fleece with the washing of Missy and Rambo. We have a lot of white fleece from Missy and Fern, so there will be some experimenting with dyeing!

    We are grateful to friends of the farm, Paul and Joan Kravchak, for giving us a much needed pick-up truck for farm chores and our deliveries. The Kravchaks were good friends of John Gribowich, Sr., the father of Fr. John Gribowich. Thank you so much, Paul and Joan, for your generosity, support, and love. 

    Please spread the word that we are now accepting prayer petitions on our website. Send us your intentions - we will include them in our intercessions during our Morning Prayer.

    Life is good on the farm. Please keep us in your prayers - you are in ours.
    Posted Aug 19, 2015, 5:43 PM by Carmina Chapp
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